What we can do for you
What we can do for you

With Consolica you can add functions to your software without spending a fortune on upgrades. Your current system will be the base of a platform and your extra features will be added as a module. This is called service oriented architecture (SOA). Our solution takes into account the software you already use and adds functions you want while your employees continue to work on the existing system. 

Why Consolica is for you
Why Consolica is for you

A software that is yours:

  • A solution based on open source software like .Net or PostgreSQL
  • No licensing fees
  • A lot of available programmers
  • A source code that belongs to you

A software that is open for integration:

  • Your software can exchange information with your suppliers and customers.
  • We analyse your current IT infrastructure to offer a solution based on mixing local hardware and software with cloud technologies.

A software that is cost effective:

  • Your existing hardware and software are the basis on which we add the extras you want.
  • Your software is flexible and can be adapted to more users or features without you having to upgrade it.

Who are we
Who are we

After having spent six years in the American ERP software market Sergey Astaev was hired in 2017 by courier service Cityexpress founded by Swiss citizen Peter Bohren in Moscow to bring their corporate software into the 21st century. Sergey did this with impressive efficacy, within a few months databases started to communicate, clients were able to do their business online on their own access page, delivery results were real time and the call centre has gone virtual. In 2018 it was decided to spin off the software department as a separate company called “Consolica” and offer its services to outside clients in Russia. In 2020 an office was opened in Amsterdam to offer the same services to clients in other countries.

Dealing with their business software is a frustrating, time consuming and costly experience for most companies. More often than not they run into problems like the impossibility to add a desired feature as their current system can’t cope with the extra load with the only options left to either upgrade or buy a new system. This does not only mean an expensive and time consuming process but also that their employees have to learn all over again how the new software works and that the company can’t  be sure it all works in the end as promised. It also means that all the efforts and investment they have put into their existing software has been in vain.

The solutions we propose is a very modern and new way to deal with these problems as by using the  existing software as a basis of a wider platform we add new desired features as an extra module and enable your employees to continue using the software they are familiar with and you to save a lot of money, hassle and time. Basing our solutions on common programming languages like .NET, #C, Apache Cordova and many others makes sure that it will always be possible to find experienced programmers to make additions at a reasonable cost.


Languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swiss-German

Peter understands the challenges of modern business world having started a successful transport business of his own. He is your contact partner in Europe for general questions about how we can help your business. He can analyse your business processes and technical systems and deal with the software developers for you.

Contact information:

peter.bohren@consolica.com       + 316 178 176 80


Languages: English, Russian

As General director of the Russian office Sergey leads a competent team of software engineers with extensive experience in SOA architechture, modular components and enterprise platforms. With his more than 20 years experience in the enterprise software market in the USA and Russia he has developed a deep understanding of the needs of businesses and can propose optimal solutions.

Contact information:

[email protected]      + 7 499 113 1958