IT package for start-ups
IT for startups

Technology used

  • We make changes to your existing architecture to arrive at the target one without the need for  downtime of your ongoing operation thanks to the use of the DevOps software development method.
  • Back-end development: We design and development the server side and data exchange services between systems and databases
  • Front-end development: We design and development user interfaces using UI / UX design and develop mobile application for IOS and Android if required.
  • We produce  the software solution in the form of Docker containers that can be placed in cloud technologies and conduct a vigorous testing (QA) regime.

A money saving software and consulting package to get your business off the ground fast

Get a ready IT system adapted to your needs that enables you to launch a new project fast that generates income. We offer to be the IT partner of your start-up project on a long -term cooperation basis and can provide both the IT strategy and its implementation on a low cost basic starting level that can be adapted later to become more sophisticated when the project starts to blossom.

What we can do for you: All-in-one IT package for start-ups

To launch a digital start-up project we develop from scratch an IT platform with its corresponding infrastructure that has the basic necessary features and is technically scalable both in the number of users and in its functionalities by collecting your requirements, analysing your needs and business processes and developing a target architecture that takes into account the information systems that you already use.

What you can expect

You can focus fully on sales, business support and business performance of your project while we take care of all issues related to building, launching and maintaining the IT platform it is based on.You get a customized ready-made IT platform that automates your business processes and can support a large number of users and can be integrated into other systems and modules. Cooperation with us allows you to launch your project quickly with minimal functionality that can be adapted later to a more sophisticated level without downtime of your operations.