Corporate mobile apps
Mobile apps

Technology used

The following steps are involved in corporate mobile apps: 

  • Requirements of the app are collected as well as current business processes and IT systems analyzed
  • A target architecture based on a new platform is developed that takes into account the already used information systems and develops the new software without downtime for the business using DevOps programming technologies
  • Back-end servers that exchange data and front-end interfaces using UI/UX design are developed.
  • A software solution in the form of docker containers can be added to be placed in the cloud.
  • Before its release the new software undergoes a stringent (QA) testing regime

Automate your information systems with corporate mobile apps

We can develop apps that enable your employees, suppliers or customers to access your system with regular mobile telephones as part of your automation strategy. Your existing software is transformed into a platform and the mobile phone application is added as an extra module that is accessed via an API connection.

What we can do for you: Mobile app development

  • We determine the intended purpose of a mobile application and its integration with the rest of your business.
  • We develop an intuitive user interface (UI / UX design) that can be used for various types of mobile devices and tablets and develop the mobile application itself that can be published in the Apple store and Google Play for easy use.
  • We develop a reliable and secure server part that is responsible for exchanging data between the mobile application and the existing information systems.

What you can expect

You can automates those off-line processes you were unable to do with your existing business software, increase the productivity of your employees and reduce the likelihood of errors caused by human interference. In addition a mobile app can open up a digital sales channel that enables you to conduct advertisement campaigns and reduces the cost of communicating with your clients.