We identify the purpose and content of your project, determine who will be involved and how much work is needed for its implementation. We draw up a project plan, control the  implementation and manage the risk. We manage the overall project with the PMBoK MS project  method, develop the software according to the Scrum Agile  methodology and share knowledge automatically with Atlassian Jira \ Confluence. This allows us to break down a big project into smaller pieces, to finish the work faster, to collaborate with end-users during the development process and to reduce the overall cost of the project.

We map out your business processes, Identify the required functions, model the processes and describe the automation requirements.

We develop technical requirements based on your business requirements and describe the main entities, directories and their attributes.

We identify technical requirements of the project and develop a service oriented architecture model (SOA architecture) for business application components whereby we take into account already existing information systems. We design additional necessary components and provide data exchange possibilities between them and the existing software. This can be an access management module, a module for an access page for clients, an API integration model, a mobile application module, a DWH/BI reporting module with historical data and retrospective analyses or any other required module.

To implement the target architecture we design the necessary infrastructure using the most up-to-date Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) technologies and virtual servers. Existing server and network equipment are used wherever possible to minimize cost. We supplement it with Cloud Technology enabling parallel data storage in external data centres anywhere in the world. We use the following technologies for our IT infrastructure:

For containerization and orchestration systems: Docker and Kubernetes

For CI/CD systems: Atlassian Bitbucket and GitLab

Design of a server module and integration components to implement the target architecture (databases, exchanges, data processing logic, transactional calculations and others). We can co-operate with your in-house IT team or provide turnkey implementations.

Design of custom scripts and UX/UI user interfaces. Development of the design, layout and programming of the user interface and their integration with the server modules.

We carry out a stringent testing protocol of the implemented architecture before the release:

  • Functional test: We check if the work is according to the business requirements.
  • Performance test: We operate the software on a certan load level.
  • We test the user interface: How convenient are the different interface parameters like buttons, colours or alignments for the user.
  • We carry out a UX test and check the correctness of the logic of using the software product.
  • We test the security features and determine the security of the software, its protection from hacker attacks, unauthorized access to data and so on.
  • Installation test: We assess the likelihood of problems during installation, removal, and software updates.
  • Compatibility test: We test the operation of a software product in a specific environment.
  • Reliability test: The program is tested with the long-term average expected load.
  • Localization test: We evaluate if the version of the software product is correct (linguistic and cultural aspects).

We analyse the existing infrastructure, which is used to ensure the health of business applications and design an optimal solution using modern technologies and cost optimization through the use of open source software. Part of your services can migrate to cloud technologies if it suits you.

We develop mobile applications for internal or external use (clients) and integrate them into the platform. We determine the intended purpose of a mobile application, integrate it into the general business process of the company taking into account functional requirements, development, testing and commissioning including registration and publication at the AppStore and Google Play.

We develop individual web and desktop applications for automating selected segments of your business processes and integrate them into the general SOA-architecture of the company’s platform (access pages for clients, mobile applications, report modules, CRM, and so on). The big advantage for you is that you have to pay only for the functions you ordered which is developed using modern technologies and you won’t be in the situation where you have to employ expensive specialists of a narrow specialization to support and develop the product further. We use the following technologies for our custom development: Back-end development (C #, .NET_CORE), Front-end (ASP, Php, Angular, Bootstrap, React, NodeJS), Database (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis), broker RabbitMQ messages (ESB). We use them because they are popular good value open source programs and it is easy to find software developers.

We can develop an independent “lightweight” IT platform and integrate the necessary components with the corporate platform of a Company for the rapid launch of digital products and services in order to determine their market value quickly. This is especially interesting for bigger companies that want to test new products or services before they integrate them into their corporate system. This setup allows you to save time and money by not having to customize your own corporate information system for launching a prototype or conducting a pilot project. This module can become one of the components of the overall SOA-architecture of the company in the future (Innovation Lab Module).