Consolica offers its services to organisations that use software to process information. We do not provide standard business software packages like SAP or Oracle nor do we offer to adjust such a package to the specifics of your organization. Consolica’s expertise is either to make a software package from scratch for a start-up or new business customized to its need or to provide IT solutions where standard business software does not provide one like when two different software systems, internal or external ones, should exchange information or when part of the information infrastructure should migrate to the cloud. Consolica’s services can be seen as an addition to standard business software rather than as a competing product.

We are an IT consultancy that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to get more out of their existing software by enabling them to integrate new features without having to completely upgrade the software with all the headaches and costs this can entail by using their existing software as a basis and build the new features and additions around it.

Standard enterprise software is fine for really big companies (those with more than 5’000 employees) since they use all the features but smaller ones often end up with basic versions of that software and the choice to either not having certain functions, buy an expensive upgrade or forget their existing software and buy a new one. With us you don’t need to do either of these as we enable you to simply add the new feature to what you already have.

Software from big vendors is expensive and standardized, it usually has to undergo the expensive process of getting adapted to each company’s need and has limitations you only overcome by buying the newer bigger version where all the adaptation has to start again.

Consolica has been offering its services successfully to clients for several years in several business sectors in Russia. With its opening of a multilingual European branch it offers the same service to clients in Europe and the rest of the world.

We are an IT consultancy so can help you with any IT project. Our expertise is in helping smaller en medium sized enterprises with anything from 5 to 5000 employees to get more out of their existing corporate software by turning it into a platform and add features to it like mobile apps, automatically connecting databases to eliminate the need for double entry, add access pages for clients, make remote working possible or testing new products.

That depends on the size and complexity of the project. But offering SOA (service oriented architecture)  using the latest technologies like Bitbucket/Gitlab for DevOps or Jira/Confluence enables us to substantially shorten project time. Getting a new software system up and running usually takes one year or two. With us this gets usually done in a few months greatly increasing the productivity of your company.

A platform makes your system more flexible and enables you to add extras. This can be new features but also simply more people or products that your existing system can’t cope with on its own. The platform architecture enables you to add what you want only instead of having to pay for a lot of additions that are part of a standard software package but you don’t really need.

Of course there are no limits to the size of a company system that can be improved by using our platform approach. Usually the systems big companies use offer a lot of features but this makes them also very complex, difficult to change and risky in case something goes wrong. Consolica can help here with its “innovation lab” feature, an independent “lightweight” test platform you can use to rapidly launch new digital products that can integrate with the corporate platform but does not react with it.

Best is to use the contact form at the end of the contact page, fill in the quick survey with questions what you want us to help you with, what kind of company you are and we can come back to you with a possible solution.

We make data protection a top priority at Consolica. We may request Personally Identifiable Information (such as your name, e-mail address, street address, telephone number), subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We will never sell, barter, or share your personal information to or with any unauthorized third party and comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU. 

We are a private company who take the privacy of our business clients very seriously and never give out information to third parties. Once the software is developed it is turned over to you and the laws of the country where your software is located applies. 

Russia has first class software programmers that are paid a lot less than in the West. Whereas hiring a software developer there costs anywhere from € 70 – 200 per hour in Russia it is more € 30 – 80 for the same work. This for high quality work this is why some multinationals like Siemens develop part of their software in the country. So can you: With Consolica you have access to the latest software techniques and with our English language customer service in Amsterdam you are looked after by someone who understands your business requirements in the West.

It makes no real difference what system is exactly used, whether it is SAP, Oracle, IBM or any other. Important for us is to understand the need of the client then we can propose solutions which can be new modules that communicate with their existing SAP, Oracle, IBM and so on via an API. These platforms have ready-made connectors for integration like e.g. for SAP it is