IT Infrastructure management

Technology used

We collect the requirements and analyse the needs and business processes to determine together with you where you want to store your data, what is needed locally and what can be part of a cloud solution.

Optimal use of your hardware and software with dynamic load

Talk to us for an efficient use of your network and service equipment while ensuring high availability and security of your information. Adding cloud technologies to your existing data centres combine low fix costs with the flexibility of being able to respond to seasonal spikes in demand.

What we can do for you: IT Infrastructure Management

  • We analyze your current IT infrastructure, your requirements and future developments and offer you a solution that combines cloud technologies with your local hardware and software.
  • We provide the technologies and let you decide where you want to host your data taking legislation into account.

What you can expect

You can get significant savings in maintaining your own data center, receive a fault-tolerant infrastructure which ensures information security with a IT infrastructure that can react flexibly to differences in demand levels. Consolica can provide maintenance and support for this infrastructure anywhere in the world.