Technology used

This service is part of the technical implementation of the development plan using:

Making separate systems work together smoothly

This service ensures that various information systems and databases, both within a company and between different companies are able to communicate with each other and exchange information without human interference.

What we can do for you: Integration of IT Systems

  • We integrate your companies information system with another system without significant modifications to your system.
  • We develop an SOA integration module with its own API connection that does not change the way the company’s  business processes and systems can be used as a standard for integration with many other systems of your suppliers, customers or authorities.

What you can expect

You can significantly save on manual data operations and do not need to modify closed big box systems of your software suppliers like IBM, Oracle or SAP thanks to the possibility to integrate the information into these systems using an API based on service oriented architecture (SOA), your own platform and your own software solution based on widely avaiable open source software, a solution that requires no further licencing cost.