Software development

Technology used

Development of a SOA based target architecture that transforms your existing system into a platform. The software is developed DevOps style avoiding operational downtime, design back-end server modules, front-end UX/UI interfaces with a robust QA testing system.

Your own open source software

Market leaders such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and others offer proprietary systems that require licencing and maintenance cost. We let you add wanted features to those systems like an integration API into clients or suppliers systems with solutions based on open source software you own.

What we can do for you: Software development

  • A software solution specific to your situation that automates the individual and unique processes of your company.
  • Manual work is optimized and data processing problems caused by human interference are minimized.
  • The software is developed with the PMBok project management method to give you results on the go while we are further developing.

What you can expect

You receive your own customized IT solution based on modern, widely used open source technologies that makes  you the owner of your software product. A solution that cuts down on licencing fees, maintenance cost and makes future adaptations to your operating system a lot easier.