IT Consulting
IT Consulting

Technology used

We base our solutions on open source software like C#, MySQL or the .NET framework and develop software according to DevOps principles. You will receive tangible results fast and have a software that is both flexible and easy to adjust with widely available developers.

A one-stop shop from advice to software development

All businesses customize their IT systems to their needs. Our consulting team analyzes your existing situation and offers advice on what to do best to realise your company’s potential for automation. Platform development, integration modules and software organised according to service oriented architecture principals (SOA) means that you can get more out of your existing software without having to upgrade to a more expensive version.

What we can do for you: IT Consulting

  • We listen to what you want to achieve and what your problem is.
  • We audit your existing processes and systems and propose a solution based on SOA principles by adding modules for  specific tasks.
  • We develop together a strategy how best to achieve a result with minimal disruption and cost.

What you can expect

You will have a software that is adapted to your specific needs that can easily be scaled up to accomodate more users or business processes without disrupting your operation at moderate cost. This is possible because we use your existing system as a platform to which we connect flexible modules.