IT Outsourcing
IT Outsourcing

Technology used

Our professional IT infrastructure architects and DevOps engineers provide support for

  • Network and server equipment whether from Cisco, HP Enterprise, Huawei, Microsoft Windows, Linux or others.
  • Corporate server software like Microsoft, SAP, 1C or virtual contact centres like Asterisk, FreePBX, Avaya or others.
  • Cloud software or infrastructure whether from Microsoft Office 365, Google workspace, Amazon, IBM, Red Hat or others.
  • Technical support for users and their workplaces including for remote working, information security questions or management of IT services in accordance with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library).

Increase your scope by combining your IT services with ours

We can work as a subcontractor for local IT companies or departments for programming or by combining our services like integration into partner systems or IT infrastructure management with what they offer to their clients.  This arrangements keeps them in control as the trusted IT partner of their local clients while it enables them to offers a modern approach to IT challenges without having to hire extra staff.

What we can do for you: IT outsourcing

You can offer a wider range of services to your clients with us:

  • Software development: Our access to developers in Russia enables you to offer programming that deals with operating systems, virtual contact centres, corporate servers or cloud technology at very competitive rates including technical support.
  • IT Integration: We can connect the information system of your clients with another, whether inside their company or with one of their customers or suppliers.
  • IT infrastructure management: We can provide the necessary expertise to add cloud technologies to your clients’ local hardware and software infrastructure.

Our technical support is available around the clock to promptly resolve issues of any complexity.

What you can expect

You are able to offer a broader range of IT services to your customers with us as your subcontractor. We will be your supplier in the background and work according to specified terms in the Service Level Agreement agreed with you. We never contact your customers directly unless explicitly requested by you. With our transparent pricing you only pay for what you have requested and work with certified specialists bound by a non-disclosure agreement which guarantees the confidentiality of your data.